Doctors For Aged Care

With the ageing of the Australian population Integrated Medical Solutions Group initiated a dedicated network of doctors, nurses and administrative staff to provide an outstanding and unprecedented level of support to this specific demographic.

We understand the complex care and needs of Retirement Villages, Nursing Homes and other similar facilities and it is through this understanding we can deliver the care required.  Witnessing poor levels of service to this community from both the medical and allied faculty we recognized that there was a gap in the current service model therefore it became our goal to narrow this gap and deliver a patient centric model to the aged care community

Through our own market research of local aged care facilities, it was evident to us that if patients could not come into a medical clinic then the level of care the patient received was inferior.  It was this realisation that propelled us to change this problem and provide a solution.

Doctors4AGEDCARE now look after around 600 beds in 7 facilities and are constantly growing.  We have grown slowly to ensure our systems and processes provide timely, seamless and the highest quality of care to the residents.  We now have these systems in place and are expanding our services nationally.

Some of the fundamental issues that needed to be addressed

A lack of co-ordination in the care provided between the Clinical and Support team at the Aged Care facility and the General Practitioner’s (GP) rooms in the clinics.

A lack of timeliness in getting progress notes into resident charts leading to delays and confusion of care.

Issues with the communication between the pharmacy, Aged Care facility and the GP’s rooms.

Continuity of Care and clinical handover in the event of a GP taking a holiday.

We have developed proprietary systems and process to ensure we can address all of the issues mentioned above.

We co-ordinate all of the following services:


Primary care visits by GP’s to the home or village on scheduled days and times.


Nurses visits to support the GP to ensure all Comprehensive Medical Assessments are done within the required timelines to ensure compliance with the Aged Care Act thus guaranteeing the ACFI funding is received, Health Assessments, Chronic Disease Management, Flu Shots, Immunisations, Domiciliary Medication Review referrals to pharmacists.


Communication and meeting with family members, if requested, regarding the ongoing care of their love ones.


Single point of contact for the nurses and staff at the home or village to contact our clinic for all requests ensuring no duplication or missed information or requests.


We ensure all progress notes are done on a real time based in the village or home’s clinical system.


We ensure all owing scripts to the pharmacist are done on a weekly basis.


We have one clinical system so that that the GP’s have one source of truth and can ensure continuity of care to the resident.


Active participation in the Medication Advisory Committee and any other meeting that are deemed appropriate.


Arranging of referrals to all Specialist, Allied Health Professionals and any other members of the resident’s care team.

Our services are all fully bulk billed for all residents who hold a valid Medicare or DVA card.


If you would like more information or to discuss the services we provide please call David Holzgrefe on 0408 696 175 or email