Breakfast Barrier Buster

The IMS Group Breakfast Barrier Buster programme was born to give the children within our local communities an equal chance at starting the day with a healthy breakfast. IMS Group recognizes the benefits of a healthy breakfast. Children who do not eat a good breakfast become tired in school and have shorter attention spans, especially late in the morning.

IMS Group also recognizes the importance of children gaining enough vitamins and minerals through diet and we cannot think of a better way than breakfast, this assists our next generation to physically and mentally grow and develop.

Breakfast-Barrier-Buster-delivery1Through the programme, we provide weetbix cereal, milk & a piece of fruit on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (the school chaplain provides breakfast on a Tuesday). We are also providing children in the programme (the grade ones and prep children) a toothbrush and toothpaste to teach them oral hygiene so they have greater confidence in their own personal appearance and they have one less reason to be alienated from other children. In addition to these, we are doing a BBQ breakfast once a term for all the children, families and teachers.

Our goal for the Breakfast Barrier Buster programme is to empower children and help shape the next generation with knowledge of good eating habits and oral hygiene.

We are thankful for the opportunity to run this programme with the support of Wamuran State School and we hope to be able to impact all the children that need this support in a positive way.