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Family Planning Bulk Billed Consultation

Family Planning – Pregnancy and Beyond

We offer a full range of family planning services, including contraception counselling and treatments, unplanned pregnancy management, fertility and pre-pregnancy consultation. Our practice has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure all procedures are done on site at high standards.

Our GPs have years of experience and are dedicated to giving you a clear image of your options in each case.
We can also provide shared antenatal care.
For any aspect of men’s and/or women’s sexual and reproductive health, we can help.
Our doctors and multidisciplinary team of health professionals are specially trained in all aspects of family planning, sexual and reproductive health and you do not need a referral to access our services.

Family Planning Services:


Cervical cancer screening (Pap smear tests)
Breast examination
Screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infection
HPV/Hep B vaccination
Male and female specific cancer screening counselling
Fertility consultations
Shared antenatal care
IUD insertion and removal

Medical concerns we focus on:


Menstrual problems
Contraception, fertility and pregnancy
Sexual and reproductive health for adolescents
Psychosexual issues (lack of interest, performance anxiety or post traumatic stress)

Implanon Contraception

Implanon is a single, flexible sub-dermal implant which is 4cm x 2mm in size and contains 68mg of a synthetic progestogen called etonogestrel. The GP inserts it under local anesthetic under the skin of your upper arm and it is effective immediately.
It can be done on combined oral contraceptive, preferably pill free interval to minimize bleeding irregularities, on Depo-Provera before next injection due or at the end of pregnancy.
It is recommended you get Implanon during day 1-5 of the menstrual cycle. It can be done in any other time of the cycle if you are sure you aren’t pregnant, but you should still have alternative contraception for the next 7 days after insertion.
Implanon releases about 40 mg of etonogestrel/day. Ovulation is inhibited because the LH surge is suppressed. The cervical mucus increases in viscosity so that sperm penetration and motility are reduced. These effects lead to effective contraception for 3 years.
The removal of Implanon is an easy procedure under local anesthetic. Most women ovulate in the first month after, as etonogestrel levels decrease fast and are undetectable after seven days.

Mirena Contraception

Mirena is a Intrauterine System (IUS) that is soft, flexible and easy to insert. It provides contraception for up to 5 years afer insertion.
Mirena works by releasing straight into the uterus small quantities of hormone. It has been proven that Mirena is 99% effective as a contraceptive and it helps reduce heavy periods as well.
It is recommended for women who have given birth recently or for women who have had a vaginal delivery before. However, if you know you easily get infections, suffer with a pelvic infection or you have certain cancers, Mirena shouldn’t be inserted.
Most women are able to get pregnant after removing Mirena within the same year (8/10).

Mirena Clinic Contraception Doctors

Pregnancy care

Bulk Billed Pregnancy Care Doctors

It is important to see a doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant to make sure you give you and your baby the best start.

Our doctors will run some blood tests to confirm your pregnancy as well as check your levels to make sure you don’t require any vaccines or vitamin supplements. They will also arrange scans to check the development of your baby and work out a plan for the next nine months.

There are many options for you to consider when planning your pregnancy:

  • Do you wish to go privately or publicly?
  • Do you want to see a GP for your monthly check ups or your Obstetrician?
  • Would you like to do shared care between your GP and a Public Hospital?

You may also have many other questions about the pregnancy and our doctors are more than happy to offer the time you need to go through these.

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