Q Fever Clinic Appointments

In order to get the vaccination for Q Fever, two appointments are required.

The first consult involves a skin test, followed by a blood test and the second consult involves a vaccination.

These appointments need to be paid in full 24 hours prior the appointment.

Not all GPs provide this service so please call our clinic reception first to book with a suitable GP and for vaccination cost information.

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What is Q Fever?


Q Fever is an infection usually developed after inhaling contaminated dust or aerosol particles or after consuming meat or dairy infected products. In a large number of cases, it doesn’t present any symptoms and when it does, it is similar to the flu (nausea, fever, diarrhoea, fatigue and so on). Prevention involves vaccinations for those at risk, especially those working as farmers, in abattoirs, transporting life stock, working with wild animals or veterinarians or other animal related connections.

Q Fever prevention


The Q Fever virus, C. Burnetii, can persist over years in air, soil, water and even fabrics or materials, so a strict washing routine of hands and arms after handling animals is essential for those working with cattle, sheep or goats.

Best measure of prevention is vaccination, highly recommended for those at risk, if they are eligible.

The efficiency of the vaccine is between 83% – 100% and it’s believed to last up to 5 years. Repeated doses or increased doses are not recommended because of creating increased risks for the patients.

Before vaccination, all candidates must have a serum antibody estimation and a skin test (using Q-Vax® Skin Test) reported, that’s why two appointments are necessary in order to get vaccinated.