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Mental health care is designed to help persons manage their conditions under medical guidance. Unlike other medical issues, these don’t have physically painful symptoms, don’t manifest in easily identifiable ways and are often overlooked. Day to day life and general concerns make it difficult for a person to identify the triggers that stand at the basis of mental health conditions.

Our specialized GPs are trained to identify within each person if there is a mental health concern and the best course of treatment. Booking a long appointment is the first step. This consultation helps the doctor assess if medication is required or if another specialist should be referred.

Antidepressants, anxiolytics, sedatives and antipsychotics are usual medications, but, however effective in some cases, not every person will need it. A Mental Health Care Plan can be developed for long term care and conditions management.

Mental Health Care focuses on:






Sleep disturbance


Acute stress reaction


Tobacco abuse






Drug abuse


Alcohol abuse


Affective psychosis


Mental Health Appointments

Appointments for Mental Health Care consultations are bulk billed and can be made online or by calling us. Doctors in our practices are trained in Mental Health Care and have the experience of working with Health Care plans that are followed through to help you manage your concerns.

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