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Pathology tests

Our practices work in collaboration with Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology and QML Pathology to provide our patients full medical services in a convenient manner. Pathology tests are recommended by our doctors so that a full analysis and a correct diagnosis can be made.

Pathology tests :



Are associated with more than 70% of all diagnoses and almost all cancer diagnoses


Can monitor the effectiveness of a treatment , if a dose of medication needs adjustments in order to work better or if medication isn’t working as expected


Act as preventive measures when they determine if someone has an infectious diseases that can spread to family or members of the community


Can monitor the evolution of a disease with or without any treatment


Are used in health checks, employment health checks, insurance purposes


Are used for screening and determining level of future risks of diseases for an individual

Pathology Appointments

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Rebates apply to some laboratory tests, but make sure to ask about pricing before you have your tests done. Prices are established by the pathology companies, not by our practices. See here How are pathology tests fees calculated.

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